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The experience is much like Diablo 2 but with modern-day graphics and cutting edge skill inventions.

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Game Boasts

  • Fight in Pvp tourneys for world wide reputation
  • Rigorous combat and huge amounts of skills
  • Remain competitive in the ladder and along with your rankings
  • Levels are randomly created
  • Unique gaming areas and monsters

Path of Exile Review

I recently had the chance to test out for free the newly unveiled beta version of Path Of Exile, which is a new fantasy role playing game. It is set in the fantasy world of Wraeclast, and has been developed by Grinding Gear games, which is based in the far away land of New Zealand. This may be no mere coincidence as, let's not forget, Peter Jackson's immortal Lord Of The Rings trilogy was filmed there as well! So these New Zealanders really seem to have action packed fantasy role play in their blood!

Path Of Exile looks, feels, and plays a great deal like Diablo III, and other RPG's in that vein. Sometimes the comparisons can be a little too close for comfort, especially in the way that the levels of the game and some of the characters have been designed. I caught myself playing a game of "Spot the knockoff!" in some places. However, that being said, it is fair to say that Path Of Exile does possess plenty of defining characteristics of its own. Perhaps the similarities to Diablo III are only a result of too close study of what made that particular RPG such a massive hit, and will vanish as Path Of Exile finds an audience of its own.

In conclusion, I believe that Grinding Gear has come up with a definite winner. The skill tree, the well-defined (if a bit derivative) characters, and the state of the art sound effects and graphics ought to be enough to put this one over the top with fantasy RPG lovers all over the world. At the moment, the game has not yet been released, but interested parties should check over at the official Path Of Exile website for the latest information on when it will be available.

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